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Welcome to Karena Thek Lineback’s World of Pilates

Thursday, March 5th, 2009 by Karena

My first blog was posted on

In fact, Kristy and Cathy from Where’s My Damn Answer are the trouble makers that got me into this blog world.

Just to remind them:

I AM your Pilates instructor and I can hurt you if this turns out ‘not so good’ for me…

There won’t be any bad experiences, you say? It’ll ALL be good?! In the words of my grandmother, and I quote: ‘Hmmmm.’

The first topic has to be about doing crunches correctly. I’m not a big fan of doing sit-ups OR crunches for that matter but if you love ‘em then you might as well do them so that you are not increasing your waist size. Muscles bulk, right? so do your stomach muscles–unless you train correctly. More later…. It’s getting late and the dog needs something to chew on…..