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Daily Scoliosis Stretches

Join me on this Caribbean beach for daily scoliosis stretches! What better place to spend some time relieving the tension of scoliosis. Stretches are wonderful because they can quickly relieve tension. Once the tension is relieved be sure to move on to exercises to strengthen your spine.  Without strength the spine will always return to its original position. When we want change we have to work for it.  So, Don’t Forget to Strengthen!

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When you are ready to move on with more videos, just click on the Scolio-Pilates tag just below the video. You will immediately be shown a full listing of our Scolio-Pilates video collection. There are loads of free videos here to help you and there are always more on the way. Let me know if you have any questions about this one, Daily scoliosis Stretches. And I’ll see you on the beach next time!


Are you looking for our Scolio-Wedges and other Scolio-Products? They can be found here>

Daily Scoliosis Stretches>

Are you looking for our Scolio-Wedges and other Scolio-Products? They can be found here>

KarenaDaily Scoliosis Stretches

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  • Rebecca - June 17, 2016

    I just received my wedges and am excited to start using them. One question, though– I have a Harrington Rod on my upper spine and so there is no longer a curve up there. Would I omit wedging the thoracic? Thanks!

  • Karena - June 17, 2016

    HI, Rebecca! That’s wonderful. I’m glad they came in. Yes, Omit the upper wedge and be gentle on the other parts of the spine. Don’t over-correct, in other words. And before placing the wedges, elongate, elongate, elongate. I think I owe you and our other fusion-folks a video for fusion specifically. I’ll get to work on it. Thank you for your comment! Karena

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